Welcome to Ankex, the hybrid non-custodial derivatives exchange which combines the best of CeFi and DeFi: the high-performance exchange stack with low latency and deep liquidity of a centralized exchange with the security and self-sovereignty of a decentralized exchange.

We firmly believe that your digital assets should be squarely and securely in the best possible hands — your own.

With Ankex, you can now participate in the most exciting emergent derivatives markets while maintaining secure self-custody of your own assets.

The Ankex platform is built on three pillars.

Immutably Transparent

Ankex provides transparent and reliable solutions which abide by the core values of decentralized blockchain technology, including mathematically provable liquidation events, continuous proof-of-reserves, and continuous proof-of-solvency. 

All collateral movement and settlement of Ankex derivatives contracts occur on-chain for independent verifiability.

Fully Non-Custodial

Ankex leverages Qredo Network’s distributed multi-party computation (dMPC) Clear Vault technology to allow you to trade directly from your wallet, ensuring that no intermediary ever holds your funds.

Built for Traders

Ankex’s best-in-class matching engine delivers the speed and efficiency that institutional investors demand and deserve.

Blending self-custody and institutional-grade performance, Ankex aims to attract a rich ecosystem of professional traders, market- makers and institutions to provide deep liquidity on the exchange.